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Job Description


Support Worker – Getta Life



Team Manager and directors.



The salary falls within the scale £26,806 per annum   Part time Pro Rata.  

£10.70 per hour.   Sleep-in allowance £70.50


To provide a service that enables people to live their lives the way they would chose, within their own homes.


To provide that service from the sound basis of the Values of Inclusion.


To provide that service in line with Company Philosophy, Policy and Procedures.


To provide that service with Privacy and Dignity.


To provide that service with an understanding of the person’s need for independence, personal preferences and choice.


To provide that service recognising a person’s rights and with acceptance of a person’s free expression. 


To enable the people being supported to:

  • Live a valued life as a citizen in their community by being proactive in enabling the person supported to integrate into community activities

  • Exercise their rights, including their right to independence and privacy, by offering choices

  • Have their individual needs and preferences recognised and catered for

  • Develop and maintain personal and social links and pursue their own interests by physically going out and about in the community as well as within the home

  • Be treated with respect


Support focus - this applies to each and every person being supported

  • To provide a range of support that may include personal care, promoting and enabling choice in the support provided.

  • To work flexibly to meet the needs of the people being supported in ways that encourages and promotes their independence within their homes and their communities.

  • To support people to live a full life that involves them in every day things and ensures they participate fully.  This will include attending college, shopping, going to work, horse riding, using the bank, using leisure amenities e.g. cinema, swimming, public transport, pubs. These are examples only as the list is extensive.

  • To assist in planned and unplanned support.

  • To promote equality of opportunity and fairness of outcome for the people receiving the support.

  • To keep accurate records of the support provided.

  • To promote effective communication with the main people in people’s lives, and to support people to contribute to relationships with family and friends.  This might include assisting to organise and host Circle Meetings, supporting people in entertaining family and friends.

  • Supporting people if they are in hospital, and with health appointments.

  • Supporting people to be on holiday.

  • To develop and maintain a personalized pictorial Care Plan together with a year book/journal to reflect the achievements and experiences of each person’s life.


  • Adventurous and creative in your work. 

  • Friendly

  • Encouraging of others.

  • Supportive of my relationship and loving.

  • Connecting well with others exploring and interested in the community. 

  • Able to advocate well for others.

  • Respectful of all.

  • Resourceful, and a good problem solver.


  • To work with your colleagues and the person you support in a respectful way, acknowledging their skills and gifts and dealing with differences in a safe and non-threatening way.

  • To work within Getta Life’s policies and procedures.

  • To promote equality and opportunity and fairness of outcome for staff.

  • To work as part of a team providing support.

  • To manage risk appropriately within the service.

  • To behave reliably and act openly and honestly in all aspects of the job.

  • To take the lead on shifts and provide on call cover from time to time.



The people receiving support:

  • Are fully involved in identifying their own needs and planning their own care and support, and that this happens in a person centred way.

  • Make real choices in how they lead their lives,

  • Live as independently as they choose to and are capable of.

  • Have formal and informal support networks in their local community.

  • Are valued and respected as individuals and receive support that is valuing and respectful.

  • Are neither limited by fear of risk or exposed to unnecessary risk.



Support workers have a legal duty of care and are accountable for their conduct of work to the people they support and to the Directors of Getta Life.  They have a direct reporting relationship with the team leader and will be supervised regularly.  Support workers are accountable for working within both legislation and organizational policies.  

While you are trusted within this role to ensure the well-being to the person you work for in a manner in which you provide support, it is also essential that the Support Worker recognizes his/her role in ensuring any knowledge or suspicion that he/she has regarding a threat to the person you work for’s well-being be reported immediately for investigation to the Team Manager or if more appropriate, a Director.  This would be in the event of any suspicion of nay Team Member neglecting his/her role or more explicit acts of neglect or abuse including financial abuse.  This would also include any concerns regarding other people in the person you work for’s life.

Support Workers are expected to attend all booked training and Team Meetings and to complete assigned assessment papers within an agreed time scale.

Supervision and Team Meetings are an important part of accountability, you are expected to attend and participate in both.



Support Workers must be willing to attend and participate in all training.  Support Workers must meet Induction Standards.

They must work towards preparation to work in adult social care level 2 and complete it within 6 months of coming into post.  


Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 21.36.23.png

While this Job Description is comprehensive, it may not cover every aspect of the role.

Duties may change from time to time as agreed by Getta Life.


  • Everyone is valuable and has a contribution to make.


  • Everyone can tell us what they want and need, we need to get better at hearing what people are saying to us or showing us.


  • Inclusion in all parts of society and life is everyone’s right. No one should be excluded.


  • People with learning difficulties can live ordinary and great lives; they just need the right support to do so.


  • People need their basic personal care and health needs to be well met to be able to enjoy life and have a good life.


  • Life should be a mixture of fun, things to do, things to achieve and things to contribute to others as well as providing times for reflection and relaxation.


  • We want to support people to be themselves not expect them to fit how we think they should be.


  • We want people to grow, develop and to try new experiences; sometimes this might include taking assessed risks, which have been managed responsibly.


  • Everyone needs to have meaningful relationships in their lives, which help them to feel loved, needed, wanted and respected.


  • We value and want to be part of a society, which is made up of varied different and diverse people as we recognise the richness that this brings to our lives. 

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