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We asked the what three things make the most difference to your family member or friend.

"Happiness, Trust and Consistency"

"Consistency of care given by a small, dedicated team of carers who are good at what they do and really care for their clients"

"He feels contented and safe, he knows he's not alone when he is poorly or hurt in some way. My son knows he is loved"

"Consistency of staff , approachable and friendly team. Excellent Manager"

Relationships are what matter in life, when they're right everything else is right.

Sue Deeley, Getta Life

Describe your relationship with Getta Life

"Very good, like a family"

We have confidence with Getta Life. They are always contactable and accommodating. We have and honest relationship on both sides, this is reassuring to us as a family

"Open and transparent. Welcoming and part of the big family."

"Getta Life staff and management are amazing. I always feel happy when I am with them. They have become extended family to us."

"Very positive, both staff and management."

"When you work for a client you do a shift and go home, but when you support someone you make a relationships and bind yourself to them"

Julie Smith, Getta Life

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