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Our staff talk about much training they do and how this helps them to do their work well, feel valued and encourages them to develop further. We are an approved centre for OCN (WM) and all of our staff follow a progression of accredited courses.

  • Preparation to work in Adult Social Care (Level 2)

  • Listening skills

  • Personal Development 

  • Understanding yourself and others

Team managers go on to either Level 3 Counselling skills at a local college or level 5 NVQ through apprenticeship scheme

On top of this we offer all statutory training and refreshers delivering these in house means we can be sure of the style of delivery and the person centred emphasis that is so crucial to our work. We don't believe in trying to tick boxes.

Our training plan each year offers other opportunities and is planned to develop the practices across Getta Life. This has included things such a Being with Me, community connecting, healing and right relationships. We have some great links with outside facilitators and have built up strong relationships with them to ensure we have selected facilitators with the same passions and values as ourselves, two of our facilitators helped us write our book "We've Got a Life" which now forms the basis of our induction training.

Some of the people we support participate in the teaching of our induction, they have made films about their lives and loves and we show them with their staff, family and friends. We sue very little Power Point teaching, preferring to use facilitation or groups, exercise and reflection along with films, Ted talks and internet campaigns such as the recent Rightful lives website and Mencap's treat me well campaign.

During out training we ask people to use their own experiences to think about how they would choose to be supported, we ask them to think about who they are, what their influences have been, their values and beliefs, explaining that the more you understand the yourself the more you can offer to the person you support and the better able you will be to develop a real relationship together.

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